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Simple, minimalist and classy.

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Contrasted textures and structural patterns

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A luxurious collection ready to be personalized.

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Welcome to Sprinters Brands

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A perfect fit with all your outfits

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The ICE glam pastel Collection by Ice-Watch

With soft colors and gold elements, the ICE glam pastel watch is the perfect accessory to add a feminine and delicate touch to your outfits.

Graphic, fashionable yet understated and modern

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B2B News

  • 14 Okt. 2020

    Fall clearance SALE

    Up to 50% discounts on top brands! Check out our clearance sale here:

  • 14 Okt. 2020

    Proud to present the PREMIUM COLLECTION

    Sprinters Advertising is a California based ASI and PPAI Imprinted promotional product supplier, manufacturer, and solution provider. Our emphasis is on top-notch service, extensive product knowledge, and out of the box thinking and creativity. We SPRINT the extra mile in order to make our distributors' job easy and safe.

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